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Vinod Viswambharan Palakkal

Chief Executive Officer (C.E.O)
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Vinod Viswambharan Palakkal is a seasoned software executive with over 25 years of rich and varied experience in Software Management & Data Analytics in various projects. He is a highly experienced Maintenance Software Management System Professional with expertise in data analytics, deployment of reporting solutions, deployment of maintenance solutions to plan and scheduling maintenance for all systems.

He is a very competent software expert with expertise in Maximo, BIRT reporting, SQL, Business Intelligence Analytics with Power BI, Qlik Sense, Excel with VBA, R Scripting Basic. Document Management with Aconex, SharePoint, in addition he also holds extensive knowledge of SAP and Delmia-Apriso maintenance execution system.

Vinod’s professional life began as an examination in charge at Aptech Computer Education and gradually made his way to being a course coordinator where he would be responsible for examination entries for external exams to the examination boards for various centres and coordinate course activities including the development of teaching and active strategies to support students learning outcomes along with Setting up of course syllabus, timeline for conduct of various component of the course examinations, and the award of grades. Thereafter, he joined Interbeton as a Document Control Manager where he was responsible for managing the Project Electronic Data Management System which processes and stores all technical documentation including selected contractual and other correspondence.

After his stint at Interbeton he joined Alstom as a document control manager which would turn out extremely fruitful and rewarding for both parties and he would gradually move up the ranks to maintenance performance and interface manager which is his current role in the company. In his long association with Alstom, he has held various roles starting from document control manager to maintenance management administrator to maintenance performance and interface manager where his responsibilities would include development, deployment, and management of maintenance system with IBM Maximo and SQL Server, ensure development of training modules for maintenance activities in the project, managing of Internal Documentation System and administrator for ACONEX (Web based Document Management System) for the Contractors, work closely with the services departments, the senior management and client leadership team in the formulation and implementation of key performance indicators and optimization efforts and provide continuous process improvement for Managed Service Support and Service Delivery.

In addition to his rich experience and qualifications Vinod also possesses very effective communication skills and excellent team leadership skills which he garnered by leading various teams in different capacities. He also possesses varied analytical abilities, problem-solving capabilities, organizational skills and most importantly quick decision-making abilities which are the hallmark of a truly inspiring leader.

His diverse and extensive experience in leading, developing, monitoring and controlling system for documents flow on projects from initiation to closeout of projects enables him perfect to lead Park-Bay Inc. as its Chief Executive Officer (C.E.O).

Vinod V. Pallakkal is a B.sc graduate from Mumbai University, India and also holds a diploma in software management from Aptech Computer Education.

He is passionate about helping Canada's economy grow by creating a community based online platform for listing and renting car parking spaces in Canada. The business is designed to help drivers find, reserve, and pay for parking spaces in a convenient and efficient manner. The app can be used by parking lot operators or property owners to manage their parking lots by offering their parking spaces on the platform, and maximize their revenue. This will not only help the car owners by increasing their convenience while parking but will also create a lot of jobs and will aid the parking space owners earn additional income by renting out their space, thereby boosting the economy as a whole.

Key Capabilities/ Skills
Has demonstrated effective team leadership and team management.
Multitasking and flexible with changing priorities.
Effective and good communication skills with strong analytical, problem-solving, and organizational abilities.
Confident & Self -reliant.
Likes to take up new challenges and has a Fast-grasping capacity.
Education and Professional Development
Education Qualifications:
Bachelors of Science (B. Sc), Mumbai University, Mumbai, India, 1991-1993.
Diploma in Software Management, Aptech Computer Education, 1994-1996.
Other Skills/Professional developments:
Certification Oracle 11i
Certification in R-Scripting by John Hopkins University
Certification in Railway Safety
Roles as Co-founder & C.E.O of Park-Bay Inc:
Provide strategic direction to the management team.
Preparing and presenting clear and concise compliance reports to the Board.
Provide guidance, advice and training in terms of management and operations.
Oversee project development and data analysis team
Hire resources for the team and connect with cross-functional teams to achieve goals of the company.
Design and implement business strategies, plans and procedures and set comprehensive goals for performance and growth.

Avinash Ashok Kumar Jadhav

Chief Operating Officer (C.O.O)
[email protected]

Mr. Avinash Ashok Kumar Jadhav is an experienced executive with over 16 years of experience as a Senior Technical Chief for Drilling and Work with the Kuwait Oil Company overseeing the HSE regulations, maintaining Quality Assurance, along with overlooking the operations, engineering and technical services of the company.

He has played important roles with KOC (Kuwait Oil Company) overlooking drilling workflow, coordinating health and safety activities and maintaining Real Time Decision Drilling Centre, and has extensive experience in assisting office administration, in house catering for projects within KOC and IT coordination for other groups within KOC.

Mr. Avinash has held various key roles with one of the world’s largest oil companies based in Kuwait, the Kuwait Oil Company majorly overlooking the health and safety standards of the company and its drilling workers. He is also responsible for maintenance and continual improvement of document control management as per ISO standard, monitor the document control requirements on an ongoing basis to make recommendation for any improvement in the system if necessary and ensure the effective running of the day-to-day operations of the document centre.

He is also very proficient in word processing and typing, office equipment operations, preparing correspondence and reports, preparing reports on invoice workover rig locations and overall responsible for the effective document control of all engineering documents, in accordance with the established procedures.

Mr. Jadhav commenced his long and impressive career, gaining rich and varied experience along the way with Menon & Menon Limited as their head accountant where he would reconcile invoices and identify discrepancies, maintain expense reports and oversee the entire financial transactions and enter them into the database. Here he would attain the skill of being extremely detail oriented and have an eye for finding out the smallest of mistakes in the reports. Soon after, he would move to Kuwait and work at a general trading firm as an accountant for another year or so.

After this brief stint of Mr. Jadhav, his longstanding association with the Kuwait Oil Company would begin, initially as the directorate of drilling groups, where he would provide office and rigs support services in order to ensure efficiency and effectiveness within the group office and KOC development group rigs.

Avinash’s excellent professionalism and work ethics as a senior professional at KOC saw him get added responsibilities as the Quality Assurance and Business Improvement executive where he would coordinate sharing KOC Best practices between KOC Teams and other Kuwaiti companies. As of now, he is also the CS Directorate of the HSE group (health & safety) where he would conduct high technical safety inspections and submit recommendations and solutions for implementation and ensure all H&S (health & safety) legislations and policies are adhered to on site.

At present, because of Mr. Avinash’s extensive experience leading operations and management, he is the most appropriate fit for the role of COO of Park-Bay Inc. where he will focus on running the organizations day to day activities and setting goals for the company’s performance development. His strong leadership and operational acumen will equip him with the necessary tools he needs to build a solid platform in order to run the business smoothly and create a strong brand of Park-Bay Inc. in the Canadian start-up ecosystem.

Avinash Ashok Kumar Jadhav is a B.com graduate from Pune University, Maharashtra, India. He also a diploma in modern management from the U.K. Avinash’s vision is to create a strong brand in Park-Bay Inc. which will improve the lives of Canadians by embarking on digital solutions to parking problems, all the while also creating jobs, contracts and increase the earning potential of individuals in the parking space, which will in turn aid in boosting the economy of the country.

Key Capabilities/ Skills
Effective communication and negotiation
Leadership and team management
Critical thinker and problem solver
Operations management and training
Education and Professional Development
Bachelors in Commerce (B. Com)
Pune University, Maharashtra, Mumbai, India, 1999.
Diploma in Modern Management
College of Professional Management, Jersey, Britain, U.K, 2001.
Professional proficiency/Training/Certifications:
MS Word, Excel, Power Point, MS Outlook, MS Visio, ERP.
Role as Co-founder and C.O.O of Park-Bay Inc.:
Designing and implementing operational strategies, plans, and procedures.
Establish policies that promote company culture and vision.
Overseeing the organization’s daily business operations and work of the executives (IT, Marketing, Finance, etc.)
Creating goals related to performance and growth.
Using varied marketing strategies to increase brand awareness, boosting the perceived brand value of the product along with managing the organizations fiscal operating and capital budget expenses.

Sandhya Gaur

Chief Relationship Officer (C.R.O)
[email protected]

Sandhya Gaur is a knowledgeable professional with approximately 8 years of relevant industry experience in running operations, maintaining relations with clients, vendors and customers and heading an entire publication house as it’s Chief General Manager. She is extremely detail oriented and specific in terms of supervision and monitoring and manpower management and specialises in production planning, control, brand management, marketing and conducting very specified and accurate market surveys and analysis. She has superior time management, deadline and target management skills with strong analytical, team building, problem solving and organizational abilities and is highly capable in breaking down problems, documenting problem statements, estimating efforts and is committed to providing excellent customer service.

She has previously worked with Nakoda Publications and printers where she was involved as its Chief General Manager and headed the entire publication house, directly reporting to the directors of the company, controlling and supervising at various levels for smooth functioning of the entire publication, reporting from various other departments viz. Marketing, Sales, and Printing, ensuring quality control parameters viz. Editing, Designing and Branding and developing and maintaining relationships with existing and new clients.

Sandhya’s extensive experience in running operations, maintaining relations with customers and heading an entire publication house while ensuring excellent client feedback and satisfaction has enabled her to be a good fit to lead Park-Bay Inc. as its Chief Relationship Officer (C.R.O).

Her duties in the company would include managing the company's organize day-to-day meetings with the clients to make sure that the client is satisfied with the services, establish the company's purchase, profit, and income goals and make suitable strategies to fulfill customer’s demands, behave as a center of communication for issues and resolve the complaints of clients in the most applicable way and create and implement strategic plans for building specific customer satisfied relationships.

Mrs Sandhya Gaur’s education qualifications include a bachelor's degree in Industrial Chemistry from Jiwaji University, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, India. She also holds an MBA in International Business from I.P.S Academy, D.A.V.V University, Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India.

Sandhya wants to introduce Park-Bay Inc to the Canadian citizens as a community based online platform for listing and renting car parking spaces in Canada. The business is designed to help drivers find, reserve, and pay for parking spaces in a convenient and efficient manner.

Key Capabilities/ Skills
Strategic thinker in terms of building new relations with clients and maintain them.
Expertise in chalking out plans and strategies relating to sales.
Strong technical writing, communication and interpersonal skills.
Strong Customer Centric approach.
Well-informed on business and technical strategies and how to merge them to get the optimum utilization.
Education and Professional Development
Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Chemistry (B.Sc.)
Kamla Raja Girls College, Jiwaji University, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh.
MBA in International Business
I.P.S Academy, D.A.V.V University, Indore, Madhya Pradesh.
Roles as Co-founder & C.R.O of Park-Bay Inc.:
Organize day-to-day meetings with the clients to make sure that the client is satisfied with the services. 
Establish the company's purchase, profit, and income goals and make suitable strategies to fulfill customer’s demands.
Behave as a center of communication for issues and resolve the complaints of clients in the most applicable way.
Create and implement strategic plans for building these specific client relationships.
Create seeking high-level placements in print, media relations strategy, broadcast, and social media.
Develop content for by lined articles, press releases, and keynote presentations

Jomy Challackal John

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) &
Chief Technical Officer (C.T.O)
[email protected]

Jomy C John is a highly experienced project and technical director with more than 20+ years of rich and varied experience in the relevant fields including international sales of transmission and related products along with expertise in technology, hospitality, consultancy and facilities management industries.

He is an organized and creative professional with proven business development skills and a desire to learn and do more. He is experienced and self-motivated which he attained after doing a lot of relevant industry work done in various fields. He started his professional career as a Project and Marketing Engineer with OHI Telecommunications Co LLC. in Muscat, Oman where Responsible for identifying, designing, marketing, costing, negotiating, managing and commissioning projects as well as marketing products and developing customers.

Soon after he moved to WWW.NetworksFZCo as a project manager and would stay for a considerably long amount of time, gradually rising through the ranks and making his way as a Project manager and Business development manager and then finally as the Project and Sales Manager. Here his various responsibilities would include Supporting Sales Managers in achieving their budgets, tendering and preparation of large value projects, secure and complete a number of projects from various huge multinational companies, manage multiple transmission projects, meet sales targets of the company in the designated markets and contribute to identifying new growth areas and widening markets After this stint, he joined Andy Mannhart Co. LLC as a business development manager where he would manage the sales and sales support staff and set, plan and meet company goals and financial targets along with the budgets and work within them.

At present, he is involved with Alphalink Technology as its Project and Technical Director, where he is managing the technical sales, project and technical support staff of the company, identifying new growth areas, technologies and expansions and creating short term and long-term business plans and strategies in alignment with the vision of the company.

Mr. Jomy has extensive experience as a technical director with proficiency in various technical skills such as Oracle 8.0 with developer 2000 and Visual basic 5.0. He is also a seasoned communications and business development specialist and possesses functional knowledge of the marketing domain and extremely skilled in creating business development strategies with focus on financial gains, arranging business development meetings with prospective clients and building long term relationships with new and existing customers.

All these rich and varied experience gained over the years by working as a technical director, leading and building businesses from scratch, attaining traction for the businesses he worked for and creating solid business development strategies for making a strong brand presence and awareness of the same has deemed him fit for leading Park-Bay Inc in Canada as it’s Chief Technical Officer (C.T.O) as well as it’s Chief Marketing Officer (C.M.O). He holds a Bachelor's degree in Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering from Bharathiyar University, Coimbatore, India.

Jomy is passionate about helping Canada grow its economy by launching a community based online platform for listing and renting car parking spaces in Canada. The business is designed to help drivers find, reserve, and pay for parking spaces in a convenient and efficient manner. Overall, the business is to provide a convenient and efficient solution to the parking needs of drivers and parking lot operators, while generating revenue using technology and innovative business models.

His vision for Park-Bay Inc. is for it to be perceived as a platform focused on revolutionizing the car parking industry in Canada by providing an innovative and viable solution for all and solving major traffic congestions and parking problems of the country.

Key Capabilities/ Skills
Administrative Acumen
Negotiation and Personnel Management
Excellent leadership qualities
Confident & Self -reliant.
Positive attitude and thirst towards new challenges.
Patience, willingness and ability to adapt & change.
Education and Professional Development
Bachelor’s Degree (B.E):
Bachelor of Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering Bharathiyar University, Coimbatore, India, 1994-1998
Other skils & certifications:
Completed a certified course in Oracle 8.0 with Developer 2000 and executed a project for “Airline Reservation System”.
Completed a certified course in Visual Basic 5.0.
Underwent Implant training at BPL, Palakkad, India in the TV and ECG Divisions
Installation and Maintenance Training on HF Radios from Barrett Communications, Peth, Australia.
Installation, Commissioning and Maintenance of PAV Data Infra-Red Systems from Online Distribution, Dubai, UAE
Essential Selling Skills Training from Mercuri International, Dubai, UAE.
SPIN Selling Techniques from NIS Institute Muscat, Oman
Roles as Co-founder C.T.O and C.M.O of Park-Bay Inc.:
Oversee the development and dissemination of technology for customers, and other clients to help improve the business.
Manage internal IT operations.
Develop, implement, manage and evaluate the company and its technological resources.
Ensure technologies are used efficiently, profitably and securely.
Supervise system infrastructure to ensure functionality and efficiency
Use of varied marketing strategies to increase brand awareness, boosting the perceived brand value of the product.
Manage crucial corporate communications to the target market vide advertising and sponsored events. 
Spearheading market research and pricing and product marketing